Zhaoxin’s 12- and 16-Core CPUs Tested: Centaur Lives On

Zhaoxin, a China-based CPU developer with an x86 license, has yet to formally introduce its next-generation KaiSheng KH-40000 processors with up to 16 cores for datacenters. However, it has already started to submit benchmark results to the Geekbench 5 database. The new CPUs show noticeable microarchitecture-related performance improvements over their predecessors but can barely catch up with modern CPUs from AMD and Intel.

Mysterious CPUs
Zhaoxin, co-owned by Via Technologies and the Shanghai Municipal Government, has been gradually leveraging microarchitectures designed by Via (or rather by Centaur) since the mid-2010s, and its upcoming KaiSheng KH-40000 series processors for datacenters are based on the CentaurHauls microarchitecture that some claim resembles Intel’s Haswell microarchitecture from 2013.

The KaiSheng KH-40000/16 and KaiSheng KH-40000/12 CPUs run at 2.20 GHz, have 16 and 12 cores, and are equipped with 32MB and 24MB of L3 cache, respectively. In addition, the 16-core model seems to feature simultaneous multithreading technology (SMT), so it can process up to 32 threads concurrently, assuming that Geekbench 5 correctly reads its capabilities. Based on specifications of Zhaoxin’s KaiSheng KH-40000/16 and KaiSheng KH-40000/12 published in the Geekbench 5 database, these CPUs look very similar to Centaur’s never-released CHA processor unearthed earlier this year.

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There are differences though: CHA had eight cores, did not support SMT, and was architected for TSMC’s N16 node, whereas KaiSheng KH-40000 has up to 16 cores, seems to feature SMT, and is believed to be designed for TSMC’s N7 fabrication process. Furthermore, processor IDs of both KH-40000 CPUs read ‘CentaurHauls Family 7 Model 11 Stepping 3’ (1, 2), whereas the processor ID of Centaur’s CHA is ‘CentaurHauls Family 6 Model 71 Stepping 2,’ so the CPUs in question use different silicon.

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