Noctua Releases First Thermal Paste Application Recommendation for Ryzen 7000

As Tweeted by @momomo_us, Noctua has unveiled the first thermal paste application recommendation we’ve seen to date for AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 CPUs – and its associated ‘octopus’-shaped IHS. For Ryzen 7000, Noctua recommends a single dot at the middle, spanning 3 to 4 mm for proper coverage of the entire IHS–and that is it.

The dot application is nothing new, and is arguably the most popular application technique to this day. But for Noctua, this is a drastic change from the five dot pattern it recommends with the similarly sized AM4 CPUs – where you put four little dots at the four corners of the IHS, and one large dot in the middle.

For cooler compatibility, AMD purposefully built AM5 around the same dimensions as AM4, so its interesting to see Noctua recommending different thermal paste applications for both sockets. In fact, Noctua specifically addresses AM5 as a smaller “CPU Size” compared to AM4, which is the reasoning behind the thermal paste application differences.

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Noctua AM5 Thermal Paste Application Technique Recommendation

(Image credit: Twitter – @momomo_us)
However, Noctua might be correct in choosing to go with a dot pattern for AM5. Ryzen 7000 is equipped with a very unique IHS design we’ve never seen before, featuring an octopus shape, with eight slots cut out of the IHS to make room for capacitors on the CPU’s PCB. All of AMD’s older designs featured a perfectly linear box design for the IHS, like what we see on AM4.

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